Our platform is 100% moderated by the users to make sure facts come first, fluff fails, and the best content always wins.

Bubblr is a decentralized community free from media companies and special interests where both up-and-coming and veteran content creators can get rewarded and paid for reporting the news.

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Control to the community.

With Bubblr, users decide what content ends up at the top of their feeds. The community is in charge of the publishing process; all content has to fact-checked and verified by users so you never have to compete with false information or fake news for attention.
When content goes live, readers’ up-votes, comments, and shares determine its relevance so the most engaging pieces come out on top.

Build a real reputation.

Be recognized for the awesome content you create.

Our creators earn credibility through reputation scores — a ranking that gets higher with every accurate piece submitted to the community. Citing sources, engaging users, and making consistent contributions boost scores and show readers who they can trust. Ratings also hold both contributors and readers accountable for their actions. Trolling, spamming, or spreading false facts bring down user scores and take away account privileges keeping toxic behavior out of the community.

Your content first.

Bubblr is free from news outlets and media companies, keeping the users at the center of the experience.
We remain completely decentralized; all of our content comes from individuals rather than organizations so creators make content about what they want and only answer to the users. With no pop-ups or banners in our interphase, your work never has to compete with noise for attention.

Cash to the creators.

We make sure profits from great content go to the creator. Every account has a digital wallet that works with the BBLR token, an ERC-20 token operating seamlessly in the app.

Bubblr App
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We keep dollars flowing by awarding money to content that gets engagement, encouraging users to tip their favorite contributors, and helping creators advertise ethically without compromising user data or spamming the platform.


How is my content verified?

Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your next great article, it is submitted to the Bubblr ecosystem where users are waiting to read your content. If you have your facts straight and your sources cited, users will give your submission the go ahead. If they think you may have got something wrong, they may enter a challenge backed by some of their BBLR token. An unbiased verifier will review the user challenge and if it falls flat, you walk away with their BBLR token and a verified article.

Can I advertise my post?

While we don’t allow for targeted ads, we do let creators attach a single advertisement to their content; that means every user sees the same ad. This is a win-win for everybody in the Bubblr community – you get another opportunity to monetize your content and our users’ data stays private.

How are revisions and edits tracked?

The same blockchain technology that runs our cryptocurrency keeps track of your work. Every submitted article, user challenge, and edit is logged digitally so you have proof your great content and user engagement was all authentic.

How can I tag my articles so readers can find them?

Bubblr is a place for news on any topic in the world. You can tag virtually any keyword or topic relevant to your content to help users find it; just don’t tag it with terms that don’t belong or else it can be eligible for flagging and removal.

Can I pay to promote posts?

Bubblr allows you to stake your post, which means you back your content with BBLR token. This attracts users looking to take your stake by making a successful challenge which means you get a lot of traffic. If there are no successful challenges in 14 days, you get all the micro-payments, tips, and part of the ad revenue from the engagement your post created. Sweet deal right?

How can I cash in BBLR token for cash?

Creators earn tokens from users in two ways: engagement and direct tipping. Users can choose a set number of Bubblr token to be distributed among all the content they engage with, so if your article is one of them, you get a cut. We also allow and encourage users to directly tip their favorite creators so your loyal followers can help support you do what you do best – creating.