The news you want from people you trust.

Bubblr is the world’s first decentralized news community controlled by you, not advertising dollars and special interest conglomerates. Any reader can challenge claims in an article identify and eliminate false information so you can trust all the news you see is 100% truth.

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Putting the facts first.

The news world is in trouble.
Media companies fighting for clicks are spoon-feeding us content driven by dollars rather than facts while content distribution platforms struggle to keep fake news out of our feeds. Though accessing content is easier than ever, it’s getting harder to find the truth.
That’s why we created Bubblr; a free, decentralized community for news where you control the content. From flagging false facts to voting on what content gets served up first, you decide what information the world can’t miss.

Controlled by the people.

Bubblr lets you decide what content is the best.

Every up-vote, share, and comment you make affects the overall rating of an article so advertising dollars can’t censor content. As part of the Bubblr community, you decide how good content is and what makes it to the top of your feed.
Take charge as a community moderator and flag false facts, plagiarism, and personal attacks in comments to eliminate trolling and fake news while making other user’s time in Bubblr even better.

Secure and private.

Bubblr doesn’t force you to pay – in fact you don’t even need an account!
Prefer remaining completely anonymous? No problem. Simply download the app and start reading content about any topic in the world. Want to contribute by commenting or challenging facts? We’re happy to have you! Make an account and rest easy knowing we don’t collect personal data and never attach you to internet search engines.

Your content your way.

Control every detail of your experience.
We’ll never make you watch a pop-up ad or serve you articles based on personal information you didn’t give us access to. Our filters let you tell us what you’re looking for to keep your experience clutter-free and tailored to you.

Bubblr App
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Whether you want to curate a feed around your interests or find all pieces about a single topic, Bubblr ensures you always get the highest-rated content and never waste a minute with junk you didn’t ask for.

Engagement that earns.

Get rewarded for being active in the community.
Bubblr is at its best when our users go beyond the role of ‘reader’. Engaging through correctly flagging false facts, sharing great articles that eventually become popular, and even logging in every day boosts your credibility in the community. To ensure good contributions are rewarded and bad behavior is penalized, every user gets a reputation score – a rating that keeps track of your contributions and grants you more permissions as it grows.

Powered by BBLR token.

Bubblr runs on BBLR tokens – an ERC-20 token built seamlessly into the app.
Activity in the app earns you BBLR tokens which you can use to for different activities. If a writer gets a fact wrong, you can challenge it with a stake of BBLR token and earn more when your right. You can even award your favorite contributors by leaving them a tip to help them do what they love.


Can anyone approve content?

Not exactly. While anyone can download Bubblr to read content, we only allow account holders to challenge facts and comment on posts. This holds every user responsible for what they do on the app, so any trolling or malicious behavior can be flagged, removed, and prevented in the future.

Is Bubblr free to use?

To just consume content, you don’t have to pay us anything – you don’t even have to make an account! But for those users who really want to be active in the Bubblr community, we operate off a pay what you want for content model. Simply purchase BBLR tokens and stake what you want to moderate a post, send a micro-payments, or tip a creator – you’re in complete control.

How do you keep users from incorrectly flagging content?

Users have to put their money where their mouth is if they want to flag a claim in an article as false. Every challenge submitted by a user has to be backed by evidence from a reliable source and by a stake of BBLR token. If it fails, the BBLR token goes to the creator and the user takes a hit to the reputation score to ensure only well thought out challenges are made.

Does Bubblr allow opinion pieces?

Absolutely! We understand how valuable opinions are to journalism and want our contributors to feel safe expressing theirs. What we stand against are false facts and behavior that stops positive discussion; as long as content doesn’t violate those rules, it has a home here.

What is BBLR token and how can I spend it?

BBLR token is a utility token designed to let you challenge false facts and support the creators of articles you engage with by sending micro-payments and letting you tip your favorites contributors. It will be available on exchanges after the initial token offering.